Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 Promise a New Experience

Achmad Budiharto, Kusumo Martanto, Wiranto, and Yan Haryadi Susanto take a picture with Check Prize Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 as Symbolic.
Achmad Budiharto, Kusumo Martanto, Wiranto, and Yan Haryadi Susanto take a picture with Check Prize Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 as Symbolic. (Photo: PBSI)
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It is still fresh from our memory when we last hear the roar of joy of Indonesian spectators when Indonesia’s mixed double, Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir clinched the win in last year’s Indonesia Open Mixed double final. Now, that elite Badminton World Federation (BWF) tournament is back to greet Badminton fans in Indonesia with new color.

This year, is presented as the main sponsor for the coming tournament, which has been officially renamed as Blibli Indonesia Open 2018. With the support from Bakti Olahraga Djarum Foundation, the elite tournament that are compulsory for the top Badminton athletes around the world will be held from the 3rd until the 8th of July 2018 in Istora Senayan. Furthermore, in the coming tournament, Blibli promises to provide a new experience that is different from its predecessors.

After supporting several badminton tournaments both domestically and internationally, we are proud to be given this opportunity to be the main sponsor for this top players & Indonesian’s most awaited elite international tournament. Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 is our commitment to further promote Badminton as one of the leading and most consistent sport that make the Indonesians proud,” as expressed by Kusumo Martanto, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of, on the latest press conference, Monday (14/5), in Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta.

Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 will provide a new experience in watching a tournament as a form of our maximum support to enhance positive activities for the Indonesian,” He added.

Previously, has been supporting national athletes through several events, such as University Badminton Tournament, multiple national and international tournaments namely; World Junior Badminton tournament in Yogyakarta, Asia U-17 & U-15 Junior championships tournaments, a few international Badminton tournaments in Jakarta and Indonesia Masters.

Along with Bakti Olahraga Djarum Foundation that has been consistently providing maximum support to Indonesian Badminton, especially to the development of Badminton in Indonesia through PB Djarum and Djarum Badminton Scholarships since 1969, it is certain that the success of Blibli Indonesia Open has been crafted very well and will provide various attractions, both within the arena and outside of the arena.

To be given this opportunity to be involved again in organizing this elite tournament is an honor for us as this maximizes our commitment in developing Badminton in Indonesia through delivering top class badminton athletes from Indonesia. With this new color and a more competitive system, we hope that our athletes will be able to achieve more in this tournament,” as expressed by Yan Haryadi as spokeperson for Bakti Olahraga Djarum Foundation.