(Blibli Indonesia Open) Guys, Come and Visit the Blibli Official Booth

Main entrance to Blibli.com booth.
Main entrance to Blibli.com booth.
Indonesia Open ‐ Created by Imansyah Noorwihadi

Jakarta | The Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF Tour 2019 has entered the final stage of the tournament. The supporters came early to the venue since early in the morning to get match ticket to the match on Sunday (21/7). The match itself will only be started at 2 P.M.

If you are already at Istora Senayan, come and visit the Blibli Official booth that is located in front of the main gate. What’s good in Blibli Booth that is located in the 2 nd floor? The answer is that none other than the official merchandise of Blibli Indonesia Open 2019.

The Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 official t-shirt has always been one of the most bestselling merchandises during the tournament. The t-shirts are comfortable to be worn and the designs are cool, who doesn’t want to collect them?

We believe that you want to have it too, right? “The t-shirts are cool and the booth is fantastic. The decoration is cool and certainly comfortable,” said Desi (25), one of the supporters from Pasar Minggu.

Although there are many designs offered in the booth, the t-shirts who are labeled as a limited edition product are produced in a small quantity to keep the prestige of the t-shirt itself. Furthermore, you can also buy them for your families, friends or your partner. Another limited edition product available In the booth is the Kid’s T-shirt who also looks very cool. Curious about the t-shirt? Come and see it for yourself in Blibli Official booth before it runs out.

Based on Djarum Badminton’s report, the Blibli Official booth has been crowded by the supporters. The t-shirts’ prices varies but remain affordable everyone. The t-shirts price start from Rp 50.000 to Rp 150.000.