(Blibli Indonesia Open) These are the Ways to Raise a Child with Winning Mentality

Meet & Greet situation with Debby Susanto (Middle).
Meet & Greet situation with Debby Susanto (Middle).
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Jakarta | The 2016 All England champion, Debby Susanto became a speaker in the Meet and Greet event that was held by the organizers of Blibli Indonesian Open 2019 BWF Tour Super 1000 in the Kids Zone area of Istora Senayan Jakarta on Saturday (20/7). On that occasion, the two-time SEA Games Gold medalist explains the ways to raise a child with a winning mentality to the supporters present at the the Kids Zone area.

Debby Susanto who is also a 2014 Asian Games gold medalist was accompanied by Bingky, a well-known psychologist. They both explained the ways or the steps that the parents have to do their children to grow and have a winning mentality in all aspects of the child’s life, especially in sports.

A child is a gem that will continue our success in the future, and certainly all parents want their children to be kind, smart, obedient, religious and to receive many achievements in life.

According to Debby, parents’ role during the development stage of the children is very important. “Parents shall not force things to the children. You should just follow the child’s interests. For example, if the kid has a hobby to play Tennis or basketball, don’t force them to play Badminton or Football. That’s a bit of example from me,” said Debby Susanto to the parents who were crowding the Kids Zone of Istora Senayan.

She added that parents’ role is also important in building the Children’s winning mentality since the early stage of the kids’ development phase. This is because when a kid has already has a winning mentality since young, certainly the kid will have a strong character, mind and personality in the future.

“Building the kids’ strong mentality is a challenge, it is neither easy nor difficult, it depends on how the parents build it,” said Debby Susanto.

For information, Debby added that certainly every parent wants to teach their children in a best way possible and with full of love. However, some parents are applying the love to the children wrongly, as some often spoil their children too much. “This will cause the children to be lazy, especially when they are facing challenges in life, and certainly this character will weaken the children’s winning mentality,” she said