(Blibli Indonesia Open) Tribute to the Cancer Patients

Chou Tien Chen (Taiwan) celebration.
Chou Tien Chen (Taiwan) celebration.
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Jakarta | The Taiwanese Men’s Singles player, Chou Tien Chen dedicate his victory in the second round of Blibli Indonesia Open 2019 BWF World Tour Super 1000 to one of his supporters who is currently suffering from cancer. Chou hopes that this result will be an additional motivation for his supporter to have a speedy recovery.

“This morning I receive news from my supporter in Indonesia, he is suffering cancer. He stated that could not come to Istora to support me as he has to undergo several treatments. Today I have shown my best qualities, hopefully he is doing the same,” said Chou Tien Chen.

A few days ago, one of Chou’s supporters from Indonesia who is suffering from cancer came to Istora to meet him. Chou and the supporter took the time to take a picture together. However, Chou could not receive a direct support from him today as he has to undergo treatments.

Nonetheless, Chou shows his support back to the supporters. “In the future, I would not just play for myself but I will also play for those who are in need, like him. Hope he has a speedy recovery,” he said.

On the other hand, Chou gave tribute to the supporter through a victory of 24-22, 17-21 and 21-13 over the Chinese player, Lin Dan in the match that was held in Istora Senayan, Jakarta on Thursday (18/7).

“It’s true today’s match was tight and tiring, he is one of the world’s best players and he played very well and controlled the game well, so I had to maintain my focus throughout the match. I had to focus on seeking chances to attack and I did the best I can do,” he said.