Indonesia Open 2018 Ready To Write a New History

Press conference, Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 in Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta
Press conference, Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 in Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta
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The grand tournament, Indonesia Open 2018 is set to be held in Istora Senayan, Jakarta. This time will be the main sponsor for the high-level Badminton World Federation (BWF) badminton tournament which also supported by Bakti Olahraga Djarum Foundation.

Titled as Blibli Indonesia Open 2018, the tournament will be held on July 3-8. Achmad Budiharto, the Project Officer for Blibli Indonesia Open 2018, stated that spectators should expect surprises on this year’s tournament as Indonesia Open 2018 is ready to write a new history.

Last year tournament was a Superseries Premier level tournament, this year we are fortunate to be in a higher tier, HSBC Level 1000. This tournament level is only held in Indonesia, England (All England) and China (China Open).” As stated by Achmad Budiharto on the latest press conference, Monday (14/5) in Fairmont Hotel, Jakarta.

There are few interesting elements about this tournament that will write a new page on the long-running Indonesia Open tournament history book. Firstly, Indonesia Open will reward the winners to a total of USD 1.250.000. This will be the largest sum of prize money rewarded by a single Badminton tournament to date.” He added.

Secondly, the tournament is limited only to the top 32 players and the world’s top 10 Players are obliged to participate on this tournament. Thus, there will be no qualifying round as was held in All England and China Open. Undoubtedly, all players attending the tournament are the best of the best.” Said Budiharto.

Thirdly, this tournament will be fully broadcasted since the first round. This implies that TV broadcast will start covering the matches starting Wednesday (4/7).” He added.

Budiharto also hopes that the tournament will be more exclusive with these three new elements.

I Hope that with these three new elements, this tournament will be more exclusive than ever.” Said Budiharto.